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Hall Speaks To West Elementary Students.

Woman in front of students
Haley Hall speaking to students from West Elementary school about work based learning.

Tuesday afternoon Feb. 18 Haley Hall, a senior at Morristown West High School, spoke to fifth graders at West Elementary school about the importance of work-based learning in high school.

The work-based learning program in Hamblen county includes the Work Ethic Diploma, an internship program, and a verity of C.T.E. (Career Technical Education) classes. Hall is currently involved in a work-based learning program for her fourth period marketing class. Every day she is dismissed from her fourth period class to go work at The Raspy Peach Boutique.

Hall explained the importance of understanding what you want to be when you grow up. Hall talked about her own story and how it was difficult for her to figure out what she wanted to do for a career. Hall commented, “I thought I wanted to be a nurse because that is what everyone else wanted to be, but after I took accounting, I knew I wanted to go into sales.” Hall has taken multiple C.T.E classes that have helped her find what she enjoys doing. The work-based learning program allows Hall to work around her busy schedule with cheer leading and school.

Hall gave some pointers to getting started in high school with the help of Sherry Yount, West Elementary’s guidance counselor. Yount said, “A quote I have heard before is if you love your job you will never work a day of your life.” They got the point across that the students should go after the careers they want, and that Hamblen County is providing them with the tools they need to obtain that career.

At the end of the of the discussion the kids had a ton of questions to ask. They wanted to know what careers are offered in Hamblen County, what Haley was doing after high school, and if what they were interested in would be offered. The students were excited to know that they would be able to receive high school credits while doing what they love.

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