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For The Record Volume 12


Hello and welcome to the twelfth edition of For the Record. Halloween has come and passed, and as the majority of the school body prematurely celebrates the beginning of the Christmas season, I huddle in a corner hoping that it isn’t a virus, and that it’s not airborne. On a brighter note, I’ve discovered some new bands and songs that I hope you will enjoy. So sit back relax and listen to these month’s top picks.

1. “Ashtray Petting Zoo,” by Joyce Manor

2. “Crust Bucket,” by the Frights

3. “Beauty of Breathing,” by Jeff Rosenstock

4. “__________,” by the Wolvves

5. “The Many Faces of Mental Chillness,” by Summer Vacation

6. “Sprawling,” by The Obsessives

7. “In the Backseat,” by Arcade Fire

Photography done by Tim Rice Photography
Photography done by Tim Rice Photography

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