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Pansies to be sold soon at the West High Green House

West has many Career and Technical classes that give students the opportunity to learn new skills. One example of one of these classes is the Agricultural class taught by David Tripucka. Tripucka teaches Agriculture science and Greenhouse management. Since the beginning of the school year, students have been able to grow over 250 pansies, which will be priced at 50¢ a piece in the upcoming weeks. Proceeds will help pay for class activities, and some will help the FFA. In the future there will be ferns and poinsettias that are already in the process of being grown. Senior Owen Stamm has taken Tripucka's class for the past three years. Stamm gave a tour of the school's green house and was able to explain everything used to help grow the plants. Not only Stamm but student Kaidan Hazeltine gave detailed information on everything the class took into consideration when growing all plants not only pansies.

Students who take this elective are given the opportunity to learn more about how to work on a farm and become self-sufficient. When it comes to resources, Tripucka makes it a priority to shop local, this shows his students the importance of helping local farmers. While the curriculum teaches kids how to grow plants from the ground up, Tripucka teaches students to grow themselves as well.

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