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FCCLA Provides for the Community


This Wednesday, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (or simply FCCLA) members met in Mrs. Scariano’s room to discuss many ways they could contribute to West High and its students. First, they discussed Cinderella’s Closet, a project dedicated to donating prom dresses to West High students that have not bought one yet. This project allows students to save possibly hundreds of dollars on an event that every junior and senior should experience.

Next, the members decided to help contribute to the tornado drive that raises money and goods for people left homeless after the tornados swept through Nashville. The drive is a product of West High’s Beta Club, although anyone is welcome to donate as the FCCLA members have shown.

The members of FCCLA also were able to help organize Room 440. This room houses many clothes for those that need them at West High, from socks to jackets. Any clothing donations are always welcome to help students in need at West High. Students can donate to Room 440 by alerting their TNN teacher, who will then allow them to enter the room where they can hang up the clothes they wish to donate.

Alongside discussing Room 440, the members brought up their final subject: a way to increase their turnout. The students decided that they would give out candy at the next freshmen orientation night, promoting both their classes and their club. Mrs. Scariano, sponsor, stated, “We are really excited about our efforts in improving membership for next school year.”

Altogether, the FCCLA meeting was a huge success and the members accomplished much within a little over an hour. The members hope to see new students at the next meeting, which should take place in about a month.

Room 440 is a great way to help students in need that attend West High.
Room 440 is a great way to help students in need that attend West High.

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