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FBLA Members Prepare for State Competition

Congratulations to the following students for placing top ten in FBLA regional competitions. Caroline Brady first in Introduction to Business Communications, Charlie Fitzgerald fifth in journalism, Lauren Gray tenth in Hospitality and event management, and Isabella Swanson tenth in Hospitality and event management.

Charlie Fitzgerald, Caroline Brady, Isabella Swanson, Lauren Gray

Feb. 7 FBLA held a meeting and the people that were able to attend the state competition were congratulated. The students that qualified for state are Tania Roque, Sara Jarnigan, Molly Livesay, Kaila Evans, George (Malachi) Young, Nina Lin, Lauren Gray, Isabella Swanson, Caitlyn Jones, Caroline Brady, Maythe Fuentes, Kaydence Howard, Deion Apimwar, Kayla Apimwar, Destiny Nichols, Charlie Fitzgerald, and Kamora Hunt. April 3-5 in Chattanooga when and is where the state competition will be held.

Also in this meeting, the members helped make 100 Valentine’s day cards that will be going to nursing homes.

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