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Fashion Trends that have got to go

Many people use fashion as a way of expressing themselves; whether that be by wearing funky earrings or doing something special to their hair. On the other hand, some people do not use fashion as a way of self expression and prefer the generic blue jeans and white shirt combo. While it does not matter what others think, students of all grade levels were given the opportunity to tell what fashion trends are just overused.

From all the free response answers, many students said they are tired of the country style, such as senior student Peyton Couch who stated, “I’m not a big fan.” When it comes to hair, Chastity Torres and Juan Ramos both said that the ‘Edgar’ hairstyle is not it and must go. Student Dylan Skeenion made a list on overused fashion, “Air Force 1s, panda dunks, flannel, tank top, pajama pants, Air Jordans, hoodie+shorts, Converse, Jordan 4 military black and fire red.” Surprisingly, out of all the 99 responses, Junior Annie Harbin was the only one wise enough to say, “We have to stop wearing East High Merch.” She also said, “Fish nets, Dog collars, leashes, tails, animal ears, thigh high boots, crazy hair colors, and tutus”. With an overwhelming amount of responses, many students agreed students at West have to stop wearing dog collars and leashes. While this may sound like a peculiar ‘fashion trend’ it is still very popular among a large group of people, but students such as Emma Long and Elizabeth Hathaway both stated they are tired of seeing this.

At the end of the day, no matter what anyone says, students should wear what makes them comfortable, as long as it falls within the school dress code of course, The clothing they wear should only be meant for humans. Junior Hayden O’keefe said it the best “Who cares about ‘overused’ fashion? Let people wear what they want, as long as it falls under dress code, of course. If it makes them happy and is also appropriate for school, let them wear it, and do not attack people for wearing what they like.” We should all learn to uplift each other and become a stronger Trojan Nation family.

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