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Fall Senior Athletes Recognized


1. Kyan Almonte, son of Kamyrn and Ben Almonte.

2. Zaylan Fries, son of Ashante Batts and Aaron Frias

3. Giovanni Chavez Granados, son of Carolina Granados and Victor Chavez.

4. Noah Graves, son of Christina Yvette Rice, brother of Cory Carr, and brother in law of Heath Carr.

5. Bricyn Gudger, son of Jason & Angie Williams and Pedro Gudger.

6. Dylan Lopez Hernandez, son of Viridiana and Gilberto Hernandez.

7. Landon Howard, son of Brian and Shasta Howard.

8. Brody Lee Huskey, son of Dan and Pamela Huskey.

9. Malachi Isom, son of Tina Isom and Larue Isom.

10. Jalen McCullough, son of Jay McCullough and Elizabeth Grisham.

11. Kaleb Miller, son of Russell and Kellie Miller.

12. Danny Rosales, son of Monica Rosales and Miraida Rosales.


1. Emma Miller, daughter of Steve Miller and Chris Miller. Emma is also on the volleyball team.

2. Leslie Resendiz, daughter of Micaela Alcala


Delaney Miksa, daughter of Tony and Deb Miksa.


Raylie Lykens, daughter of Chris and Judy Lykens.

Alexis Nicole Crawford, daughter of Dr. Paul Crawford and Mrs. Bette Crawford.

Audreonna LaShae McCullough, daughter of Natasha Samples and Jay Mccullough.

Sophia Wilson, daughter of Mike and Amber Wilson.


Nathaniel Herndon, son of Eric and Lisa Herndon.


1. Natalie Cudd, daughter of Shey Cudd and Robert Cudd.

2. Madison Kite, daughter of Grant and Amanda Kite.

3. Diana Iveth Romero Murillo, daughter of Elmer Romero and Rita Murillo.

4. Tania Roque Castro, daughter of Hilario and Juana Roque.

5. Justin Velez, daughter of Angelica Velez.


  1. Sophia Renee Adams, daughter of Christopher and Jenny Adams.

  2. Andrew Carmichael, daughter of Bob and Allison Carmichael.

  3. Jace Short, son of Amanda Nicholas and Nick Nicholas.

  4. Annabeth Workman, daughter of Robert and Amy Workman.


1. Brie Blevins, daughter of Kendra Blevins.

2. Haley Cabe, daughter of Brian and Gerrie Cabe.

3. Mackenzie Collins, daughter of Derrick and Christy Collins.

4. Emmah Long, daughter of Yvonne Galyon and Scott Long.

5. Chloe Seal, daughter of DeeDee Seal and Scott Seal.


Jaiden Carmichal, son of ya and Thomas Ucclardi

Shawn Ehret, son of Heather and Rob Ehret.

Eluzi Flores Melchor, son of Patrcia Melchor and Emillano Flores.

Nicholas Sexton, soon of Jim and Jennifer Sexton.


Todd Greene, son of Chris and Roxy Greene.

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