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Executive Student Council Election Winners Share Backgrounds

By Lorna Baxley

It’s time to give a warm welcome to the new members of West High’s Student Council! Voting took place on Thursday, Sept. 17, and the new members are already starting to work together to make changes and better the school. Congratulations to everyone who ran!

Student Council Members
Congratulations to the new executive officers

President: Emmalee Stubblefield

Emmalee ran against KyLee Bales, Zelya Elkins, Destiny Fanney, and Abigail Harold. Emmalee, a senior, is the current president of West High’s beta club, and has participated in Mrs. Bowen’s Scholars’ Bowl Team for several years now. She’s extremely active in her church and youth group, as well as being a member of the advanced choir here at West. This is her second year on the Student Council. Congratulations, Emmalee!

Vice President: Cayden Keltgen

Cayden ran against Yakelin Hernandez and Audrey Rayne Quagliato.

Cayden is a very active member of West High’s Speech and Debate team. He has participated in several national-level events, as well as winning many events at the local-level. Currently, he’s the high-point Junior on the team, which means that, because of how much work he’s put it in and things he’s accomplished, he’ll be specially recognized on Honors Day. Cayden has also completed several AP Classes in the past, which proves him to be a responsible and driven person. Congratulations, Cayden!

Secretary: Hayden Howard

Hayden ran unopposed for Secretary. Hayden is a senior at West High who was on the student council last year as well. She is an active member of her church and is practicing with a collegiate debate team; she’s also spoken in front of the school board on multiple occasions regarding the support for arts programs, life skills classes, and the encouragement of creative thinking in the classroom. She spends lots of her time volunteering with disabled children, and wants to be a special education teacher in the future! Congratulations, Hayden.

Treasurer: Lilliana Roberts

Lilliana ran unopposed for Treasurer. Lilliana is in the Hamblen County Youth Leadership Program. She’s also the Beta Club Secretary, and is very active in the Community Fellowship in Christ Church. She is in both the advanced choir at West High, as well as the Singsations A Cappella group. A hard-working student, she is also a member of the National Honor Society and competed in the Carson Newman math competition, placing 10th. Congratulations, Lilliana!

In addition to the executive officers, the class officers for each grade were chosen as well. The voting was held on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Freshman Class Officers

President: Aarya Patel Vice President: Kasiah Shelton

Secretary: Bianca Gama Dos Santos Historian: Isabella Swanson Representatives: Ashton Keith Oakley and Makenzie Talton

Sophomore Class Officers

President: John Statzer

Vice President: Austin Hayes Secretary: Michaela Sigler

Historian: Alma Hernandez Lopez

Representatives: Joseph Parrott and Emma Way

Junior Class Officers

President: Matthew Hart

Vice President: Alexie Cowan

Secretary: Brynne Eskew

Historian: Ruby Pergason

Representatives: Ellie Howard, Will Hunley, and Katie McCoige

Senior Class Officers

President: Jaiden Picardi

Vice President: Owen Becker

Secretary: Brooklyn Chance

Historian: Dallas Lindsey

Representatives: Sheena Frampton, Landon Jacome-Mendez, Faith Kubis, and Kamryn Odom

Congratulations to everyone! All of West High looks forward to the changes the new student council will bring.

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