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Excuses do not save lives, blood donations do

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022 is when West high school partnered with MEDIC blood drive. The blood drive was held in the auditorium and gave students 16 years and older the opportunity to save lives. HOSA sponsors, Darlene Adkins, Jeremy Emmons, Sherry Skeen, Ashli Collins are some of the educators here at West that helped bring the blood drive to our school. In exchange for students' donations, not only did they get satisfaction from giving back to people in need, students also received a MEDIC shirt and a Dollywood Ticket. The blood drive also sparked some school spirit by making it a competition between East and West on who can got the most donations.

While some students donate for the Dollywood ticket, Tinley Wolfe, “I am donating because I really want to go to Dollywood.” Other students such as Cecilia Wyke are donating because it means something to them. Wyke said, “I am donating because when my father was in the hospital he needed a lot of blood transfusions, so when I donate I feel like I am helping my dad.” No matter the reason someone donates it is all around a good thing to do. When you donate blood you are helping save a life.

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