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Dual enrollment course option for students

The good thing about dual enrollment classes is that you have a chance to get college credit and it gives you free time sometimes. It is cheaper than college tuition, and high schools offer four free classes. It helps you get an inside look at what college classes are like. Although some may be hard, it looks impressive when applying for colleges. I like dual enrollment classes because my professor gives me my work for the week and tells me when it is due. Discussions are due Wednesday night by 11:59, and reply to two students after Wednesday read the chapter( which every one we are on), and quiz or test due Sunday night 11:59pm. I like this, and I am able to manage my own time and do it when I like to. The college book or at least mine has concept maps and a standard page where it tells you the standard and answers it like a question. I found this very easy to understand and help me comprehend. I did a psych class at Walter State. My class was online. Not all classes are online. I would recommend dual enrollment classes if you have free time and just want a little more individual learning.

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