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DE Store Reopens For Morristown-West High Students

Brandon Cervantes, Will Castle, Griffin Price, Dawson Hunt, Ayden Rossignol, and Riley Short buy and sell snacks.

The DE store (room 490) reopened Feb. 28 at Morristown-West High School. In the DE store, there are many of students favorite snacks, such as Pringles, Skittles, Reeses, Snickers, etc. The DE store also sells drinks, such as Yoohoos for just $1.00. Candy bars are $1.50, and they also have specialty snacks for $1.00 or even 50 cents. The DE store is open during TNN and between class changes. Brandon Cervantes expresses, “We love seeing new people come in and become comfortable in the environment just as much as our regular customers so come visit us sometime!”

Jaiden Rohe looks over inventory and prices.

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