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Davis, Lotivio Voted Best Date to Bring Home

For this year, Seniors voted on who they thought were fit for the superlative “Best Date to bring home.” For class of 2024 Kristin Davis, and Philip Lotivio claimed this title.

Female recipient, Davis, shares her thoughts on winning this title, “I was very proud when I found out about winning this superlative. This was a huge honor to be chosen for this superlative for the senior class.” Davis believes that she won this title because she has a good personality and she is involved in school and her community. “I am FFA secretary, HOSA member, FBLA member, Beta Club Co-Historian. I am taking the nursing pathway at school where I am obtaining my CNA and CCMA certifications. I work as a manager, full time outside of school at Sonic,” states Davis. With claiming this title Davis also implied that she is good with families, including her own and that she loves being around family. Davis also shares what her ideal date would be, “My ideal date is going out to eat and/or going to fun activities such as basketball and football games or concerts,” commented Davis.

The male recipient, Lotivio shares his thoughts on winning Best Date to Bring Home superlative, “I am so excited to have been voted for this superlative.” Lotivio believes that he won this superlative because he has built himself a good reputation. “I am a member of the track team, French club, and Beta club,” noted Lovitio. Similarly Lotivio is also good with people's parents and families insisting that, “when I talk to parents and family. I believe I put myself in a good light.” Lovitio then concludes that his ideal date is, “Whatever makes my date the happiest.” 

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