Congratulations to Senior Superlatives Class Mom, Dad




Morristown-Hamblen High School West students nominated the senior superlatives for the two seniors that best resembled a classroom Mom or Dad. Congratulations to the school winner to act mostly like the classroom Mom, “Chloe Livesay,” and congratulations to the winner to act mostly like the classroom Dad, “Jacob Seals”.

Livesay says, “I was voted as the school’s classroom mom because my friends like to call me mom. They say I act like a mom, and they also say I dress like a mom.” She says her biggest pet peeve is “ignorance and people that don’t try.” Livesay said she would choose Emily Stubblefield, from West high school, to be her daughter, because that is one of her friends that she has to take care of the most.

Seals says, “I’m not sure why I was chosen for class dad, but I think it’s because I always care about people and give advice. It’s pretty fatherly.” He says his biggest pet peeve is slow walkers. Seals says, “I would choose Dalton Miksa as my son because I taught him everything he knows about fashion.

Chloe Livesay

Jacob Seals

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