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Class of 2023 Senior Superlatives: Most Likely to Cheer You Up

Rebecca Landefeld and Hezikiah Davis
Rebecca Landefeld and Hezikiah Davis

Rebecca Landefeld

Class of 2023’s senior winners of Most Likely to Cheer You Up, Rebecca Landefeld and Hezikia Davis, were able to be immortalized in their victory for spreading this commodity around the Trojan Nation.

Rebecca Landefeld, the hearty, go-getting winner of the category enjoys spreading laughter to those around her. She views the ease of it as her most admirable quality. Her positive attitude was shared to be from her older sister. Not just attitude, but humor and her quick-witted approach to things too. No matter how bad a scenario is, she works hard to adapt and overcome tough times. She approaches cheering up her peers by letting them know they are not alone and spreading contagious laughter. For readers going through distressing times now, Landefeld shares, “Remember your friends are always one call or text away;” however, “[if you need time for yourself] make sure you do something you enjoy instead of laying in bed all day, [it can open many doors and give back a sense of purpose].” Her final thought to distressed readers goes as follows, “Even through the toughest challenges that life throws at you, you're needed by other people. In America today, suicide and self-harm rates are gradually increasing. Please make sure it is known that suicide is a long term solution to a short term issue. People need you here, even if you think otherwise.”

Davis could not be reached to share a comment on his victory.

** Disclaimer: If you or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts or crisis, reach out to the suicide hotline at 988.

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