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Class of 2022 Best Dressed Senior Superlative Announced

As the 2021 school year drones on for many high schoolers, seniors are in a noteworthy season of their lives. The clock for their high school days continuously counts down. Each year, several students receive an award for a particular trait that they embody to the fullest. One of these traits is the Best Dressed Superlative. Seniors Kaiden Amo and Alexandra Orr were both awarded this superlative.

Amo was the male awarded Best Dressed. Shocked, Amo said, “I definitely wasn’t expecting the award.” He describes his style as a range of ’70s, ’90s, and Y2K fashion. He also prefers dressing in Earth tones. When it comes to shopping, he favors thrifting many of his clothes. Amo recommends Depop and Goodwill as prime shopping places and Urban Outfitters if budget is no problem. Specifically, Goodwill in Johnson City comprises approximately 50 percent of his wardrobe. Amo lists baggy pants or jeans, sweater vests, and corduroys as wardrobe-essentials. He also names Tiktok as his primary source of outfit inspiration. If looking to improve your style, Amo advises, “Just go with what you like, start at thrift stores and just look one thing that I’ve learned is that nobody can dictate what you like, so just go with what catches your eye.”

Orr, who received Best Dressed for females expresses, “I was somewhat shocked when I received this superlative because I believe that many girls deserved this superlative just as much as I did. However, I am truly honored to be chosen for the Best Dressed.” She describes her style as a boutique, preppy style. Her go-to stores are Lime Lush Boutique, Raspy Peach Boutique, and Ivy and Leo. Orr also prefers trendy clothes but will enjoy her style on occasion. If one is looking to refine one’s personal style, Orr recommends that trends do not have to be followed. Style should be based on how one wants to dress, not how others want them to dress. Finding a style where you can express yourself with each outfit is key. When recommending wardrobe essentials, Orr counsels, “It is not necessarily a piece of clothing, but I think that jewelry is highly essential for any outfit.”

Although the two nominees have vastly distinctive styles, they were both nominated. They will be remembered by the Class of 2023 for their amazing fashion choices and inspiring style recommendations. Congratulations to both fashion-forward students.

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