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Christmas Poll Comin’ Around

The smell of pine and peppermint fills the air. Gingerbread families with their gumdrop buttons are gathered outside their frosted festive homes. With all the Christmas spirit floating around, 50 West High Students participate in a poll to discuss their favorite Christmas things. The poll was answered by 12 Seniors, 10 sophomores, and 22 juniors, who all shared their traditions.

Students disclosed that their favorite Christmas song is Mariah Carey’s 2011 hit, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” with 32% of students that chose it. With the song having been streamed more than 31.5 million times in 2021 alone, it only makes sense for it to be the most chosen song. Following songs, students announced their preferred Christmas movie. With 46% of votes, “The Grinch” stole West High’s heart. There are three different Grinch movies, the 1966 animated version, the 2000 real life version, and the most recent adaptation being the 2018 animated version. “The Grinch” has been played by many famous names such as Boris Karloff, Jim Carrey, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Although it may seem too early to be watching Christmas movies, the Grinch once said, “Tomorrow is Christmas. It’s practically here!”

What is Christmas without a tree? 68% of pupils agree that it wouldn’t be Christmas without their good ole’ reliable plastic tree. Not only is the tree cost efficient but Christmas fanatics love being able to throw a tree up right after Thanksgiving. It stays green all winter long. When it comes to decorating their tree, 52% of students love to top their tree with a bright and shiny star. Mistletoe is a staple prop in many Hallmark Christmas tales, but only 10% of West High students actually hang mistletoe up, 90% of students admire the plant from the big screen.

Black Friday is a day when lots of people get their Christmas shopping over and done with. Cyber Monday is also a day that offers great sales for Christmas. While it was a close battle, 62% of students preferred to do their Christmas shopping in the store. The other 38% prefer to relax and shop with the press of a button. When on the topic of purchasing gifts, the question was asked on whether students preferred to give or receive gifts. Though everyone loves to receive gifts, 66% of students would rather give out gifts than get something in return. During the Christmas holiday, families gather with one another and open the gifts their loved ones had gotten them. Students were asked when their family opens their presents. When given the option of Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, or a little bit on both days, 51% of students open their gifts on both days.

While the air has been rather frosty thus far, the sky has yet to drop even a single snowflake. Eighty-four percent of students are wishing for a blizzard this holiday season, with only the 16% minority hoping we have no snow. Unfortunately, the weather forecast proved to be on the side of the slim few, forecasting freezing cold temperatures without a drop of snow. With the air bringing more of a holiday feel, many people bring up the beloved holiday drink, eggnog. While the drink is popular around the United States, it seems to lack its social status at West with only 24% of students who like eggnog. The other students either have never tried it or just plain out don’t like it.

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