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Book Review: "Where the Crawdads Sing" Recommended for Teens

The book, Where the Crawdads Sing, has definitely become one of my favorite reads. I would without a doubt rate it a 5 star book. In the beginning, I was extremely skeptical about it. It seemed extremely boring due to the fact the setting takes place in the 1960’s on the coastline of North Carolina. The more I read the harder it was for me to put down.

The story focuses on our main character, Kya. She lives on the North Carolina Coast. The town has named her the “Marsh Girl,” due to her family living in the Marsh, which is basically just a piece of land with tall grass that is flooded with water. As you read, you soon realize that everyone in Kya’s life abandons her. Her mother abandons all six of her children, as her siblings become older they also flourish, leaving Kya with an alcoholic and abusive father. Due to everyone abandoning her throughout her whole life it is no shock to her when her first love, Tate Walker, also ends things with her to go experience college. </