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Bolton, Carmichael voted Miss and Mr West

Out of all the Who’s Who candidates, Claire Bolton was chosen to be Miss West. Bolton was taken by surprise with this achievement, exclaiming, “I was in shock. I really was not expecting to win. It was very nice and exciting though!” Bolton states, “I am in many activities and this allows me to be very social around the school.

My goal for senior year was to make connections, and I think I’m just doing that,” as the reason for why her Who’s Who peers voted for her. Bolton is on the West High volleyball team, choir, and executive council. Bolton’s favorite class at West High is choir. She expresses, “I have so many amazing experiences in the choir room, but my favorite would have to be the deep conversations I have with my peers. I have grown close to everyone so quickly.” After graduation, Bolton shares the elation she has about her plans, “I am going to play volleyball at Carson Newman, and I’m super excited to make more memories and friends there.” 

It can be intimidating to get involved when coming into high school, so Bolton offers some advice to incoming freshmen and anyone that doesn’t see the point in getting involved at West High. She states, “Getting involved at school helps it become so much more than a school. It becomes a place that nurtures friendships and passions! It is so worth it!”

Jaiden Carmichael was Declared Mr West of the 2024 school year. Carmichael shared his thoughts on winning this title, “ I'm grateful to receive it,” Carmichael expressed, “it means a lot to me that my classmates and friends thought that I was deserving of it.” 

Winning such a title comes with an accomplished high school career. Carmichael is a part of the Student Advisory Council, Aston yearbook staff, Cross Country, and the Track team. Along with all these activities, Carmichael was in the “Who’s Who” ballet of the class of 2024 seniors to be recognized for their accomplishments throughout their time at West. Carmichael was a part of “Who’s Who” for all of his AP and Honors classes along with his high GPA. “I plan on getting my undergraduate degree for mechanical engineering at Milligan University, and then I want to grad-transfer for my masters,” notes Carmichael as he explains his plans for after high school. 

Carmichael commented that his favorite teacher is Dr. Herron because, “of how caring he is for each and every student. He is great to talk to, and there are many things that he has taught me that make me a better student as well as a better person overall.” Carmichael leaves students of West High with advice, “My advice for students is that they get involved in things, whether it's a sport or some kind of club at West. It's a great way to make new friends, and it can help you find a new hobby or talent that you didn't know you had previously.”

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