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Blast into the Past: MoWest Explores Events from School History

Beginning all the way back in 1968, Morristown West High School began its journey. In September 1968, Morristown-Hamblen High School West opened as a new school for the Morristown City School System. It had an enrollment of 1,050 students and was built on a 33-acre site. The construction of this school cost approximately three million dollars.

In the year of 1969 West published its first newspaper called "The Trojan." It talked about gossip, things liked and disliked about school, sports, clubs and more. In the sports article is states that the West Trojans played and lost their first game against the Bull Gap Bulldogs. Overall, West had a good season for the first school year making it to the District 4 Tournament then to Regionals.

In 1985 West held a school board meeting discussing an agenda of 21 items. The major topic was about the 100 point system. It declared that under the system students would receive a bonus to their six weeks grades for good attendance. During this same meeting, a motion was passed that limited the grade change to one letter.

In the same year 1985, the Trojans declared that "Football Goes Female." At this time a local issue concerned girls playing football so a poll was given to 30 students. Mostly, girls were more opposed to the idea than males saying, "A girl could suffer more damage than a guy." Others that agreed said, "It's okay as long as that's what they want."

In 2003, the baseball field got lights. A plan was put into place to purchase lights and better equipment for the baseball team. It was three years after the proposal that the goal was finally achieved. West was able to install these lights through private contributions and significant donations from Wild Contractors, Jefferson Federal, Advent Electric, Loven Concrete, A1 Equipment Rental, and Morristown Utilities.

Throughout the years, Morristown West has gained and advanced a lot. Of course the school is grateful for the resources available now, but it's always fun to take a blast into the past.

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