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Biggest Glow Up Goes To Paxton Wood

Paxton Wood
Paxton Wood

Everyday activities could play a role in one’s appearance such as exercise, hygiene, and your fashion style. Based on the votes from the senior class Paxton Wood got the majority of the votes for the biggest glow up.

Wood usually takes about 45 minutes to get herself ready. She tends to workout everyday to keep her head on straight. Speaking of her head, she dyed her hair blonde. Her favorite perfume is the Sol de janeiro brazilian crush ‘62 which explains her significant aroma. Since her freshman year, her style has not changed much; she still loves to wear big sweatshirts. However, if she was given the opportunity to give fashion advice to her past self she would tell her to “get rid of the aggressive side part.”

Overall, these things tie into why Wood got nominated for the biggest glow up.

The male superlative could not be reached at press time.

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