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Benefits of taking Course Preparing for ACT



As the semester comes to an end, students will have the choice to elect a class they would like to take as they register for classes. As a list of classes is usually provided by the counselors, students at West High will be able to make the choice to take the Course Preparing for ACT. Sophomores and juniors are highly encouraged to take this class. Getting into the college of one’s choice can be challenging, and even more if the ACT composite score is higher. Many students are just a point away or two from getting into the college of their dream, but sometimes the missing point or two is what exempts the student from being enrolled.

In the course of the class, the ACT test subjects are divided into two parts with Mr. King, math teacher at West High, and Mrs. Lane, English teacher at West High. Lane and King only have one semester to try and input strategies to students that will help them improve their ACT scores. Practice ACT sub parts are given to students to take each day, and most of these parts are timed to allow the student to get prepared prior to the actual ACT.

Lane said, “This class is especially helpful for juniors as they prepare to take the ACT and seniors as they prepar