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Art serves Multipurpose.


The picture above is from Mrs. Gatlin’s room.
The picture above is from Mrs. Gatlin’s room.

Since the dawn of time, men have learned how to do many things over many generations. One of the greatest out of all of them is art. In many ways' art can be used for so many things: like stories and mystery. Art does not just give us pictures of the characters in the story, but it also gives them more of a personality.

As for Mystery, most art does have it like those kinds of paintings that you have to see past the painting to see the picture. In my opinion, I always love to draw my own works of art. I enjoy drawing, sketching, and color. It always helps past the time or calms my nerves down. If you want to give it a try, then grab a brush or pencil and take some lessons.

My art teacher from freshman year was Mrs. Kerry Gatlin. Gatlin says that, “Having art class helps you think creatively, to come up with all kinds of ways to solve problems, and to think outside the box.”

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