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Anatomage makes its way to West Anatomy classes

The Anatomage table is finding its way to classrooms. The Anatomage is the world's first virtual cadaver. It is fully interactive and has a life-size touch screen.This machine has four gross anatomy cases,more than 20 regional, and 1000 pathological cases.

The Anatomage is constantly updating and gaining new cases through the hospitals that also use this machine. Anatomage’s goal is, ''to develop technology that visualizes anatomy at the highest level of accuracy.’’ There are less than 200 Anatomage tables in high schools across the country. Morristown West and East high schools were lucky enough to receive one. Through an ESSER grant, the Anatomage was purchased for the schools. This allows students to get a deeper understanding of anatomy.

Mr. Emmons helps students in his 4th period anatomy class
Mr. Emmons helps students in his Anatomy class

The Anatomage is especially useful when it comes to visual learning.

Jeremy Emmons, an anatomy teacher at West High remarked, ‘’ I was so excited for it. I've been trying to get one for the last four years, but it wasn't in the budget.’’ Emmons also shared how ‘’It allows my students to dive deeper into the anatomy, and provides a better visual for my students.’’ Adam Guess a student shared, ‘’It helps me as a visual learner process better and understand.’’

Studies have shown better test scores after being used in the classroom. Some cool things about the Anatomage are being able to see the kinesiology and movements, it shows CT and MRI scans, and it has a quiz mode. This amazing piece of technology is changing the classroom for the better.

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