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Advantages of taking Advanced Placement Courses offered at West



As scheduling for the upcoming school year quickly approaches, it is time for students to consider the classes they would like to take. Fortunately, several Advanced Placement (AP) programs are available for committed students here at Morristown West. Students are encouraged to take AP courses who want to challenge themselves and obtain pre-college experience. Every AP class is instructed at a college-level and the AP exam is taken each May over the class material. There is a cost for every AP exam that is offered through the College Board, however, the price may be well worth it. Students that take AP classes are automatically able to get a lead on college-level work, upgrade their writing and problem solving skills, and mature their studying capabilities.

Senior Chloe Livesay is only one of the many students that has reaped the benefits of AP courses. Livesay reflected, “Although AP classes are more rigorous and time consuming, I would recommend them to anyone who is determined and college bound. These classes help you learn valuable skills to be the best possible college student you can be in the future.”