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Activities to Fulfill Your Summer Vacation

BY OSWALDO GUZMAN There are so many things to do after school is out. One fun activity to do is go to Dollywood Splash Country for a family or friend trip for a nice cool swim. Another great thing to do is work. A lot of people enjoy working during the summer to save up money. Students can also go traveling to visit family members and friends that they have not seen in such a long time.

There are some people who just enjoy staying home and being with their family and friends which is a good thing as well. A great place to visit is Cherokee park to see the fish and to also feed them. Another fun activity to do is go hiking at Panther Creek. Students can also go play putt putt at Mossy Creek in Jefferson City. Some people also learn about a new sport, craft, or how to cook a meal. Students can also volunteer for the community.

Feed the fish at Cherokee park.
Feed the fish at Cherokee park.

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