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Aaron Hess joins West as an Alumni

Morristown West High school has taught many promising young men and women. One of these promising students has made his way back to the Trojan Nation. Aaron Hess is the new alternative learning placement and Physical Science teacher. Along with his classes he is also responsible for coaching the offensive line on the West's football team. Hess graduated from West in 2018 then got his bachelors at Wheeling University. Hess’s passion for teaching came from his father, Eric Hess, a special education teacher at Lincoln Heights Middle School . “My dad is a special education teacher at Lincoln Middle. I can remember walking into his classroom when I was in seventh grade, all his students gravitated towards him, and they were all excited and happy.” Hess explained. With his dad's influence, Hess coaches because he sees it as another way to help be a positive impact on young people, and because football is what he knows best.

Hess teaching his Students.
Hess teaching his Students.

Getting to know Hess

Hess was born in Virginia but moved to Tennessee at the age of one. Hess started school at Union Heights but moved to Alpha Elementary in third grade. He attended West View middle school and then West High School. Currently Hess is enrolled in Liberty University pursuing his masters in Exercise Science. If he is not on the field, or in a classroom one can find Hess at the gym or siding for his Masters. Hess is also a father to his loving pup Samson, a Beagador, “Samson is a Beagador, and incredibly goofy,” Hess described. Hess was asked to tell about his favorite food, “It is very hard to label my favorite food. I am a hefty man and enjoy eating for sure. But Asian food definitely has to be near the top if not number one. "Overall Hess is a Morristown native that West is glad to welcome back to home. “ I am so thankful for the chance I got to come back home, and cannot wait for a great year!”

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