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West Varsity Football Faces Upsetting Defeat Against William Blount


Morristown West faced a defeat against William Blount, 36 to 21. Friday night Aug. 30 at Burke-Tony football stadium. Head Coach Sanders replied, “Every team has their ups and their downs Today was a lost for our team, but every day is a new day to come back and get better to win more football games!”

The kickoff started at 7:30 Friday night. The referee flipped the coin into the air for the coin toss. William Blount won. William Blount chose to receive the ball for the kick return. West kicks off the ball to William Blount. William Blount returns the ball around the 25-yard line.

The first touchdown was scored by William Blount followed by a one-point conversion with eight minutes left in the first quarter. William Blount scored the next points from a three-point field goal in the first quarter with 56 seconds left to go. When the second quarter had started, West High threw a pass into the end zone. Touch down was by West, with nine minutes and 57 seconds left in the second quarter. William Blount answered back with another touchdown. William Blount set up for the one-point conversion, the kick was blocked by West. With six minutes left in the second quarter William Blount scored again and made the one-point conversion. West put the last touchdown on the board before half time. The half time score was William Blount, 23 West 14.

The Third Quarter began, William Blount scored their first and only touchdown of the second half with two minutes left to go in the third quarter. The fourth quarter then began with a score of William Blount, 36 West 14. William Blount also scored the first touchdown of the fourth quarter with six minutes left. Three minutes left in the fourth quarter; West scored the last touchdown of the night.

West lines up to defend against William Blount.
West lines up to defend against William Blount.

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