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West High Students Break in New Year

By: Lorna Baxley Happy new year, West High! With the insanity of 2020 officially behind us, hopefully we can begin looking with optimism towards the next 12 months. West High students have begun making their New Year’s resolutions, hoping to make some fantastic progress and memories in 2021.

2021 Goals

Studies show that, while many people make New Year’s resolutions, less than 10% of people actually end up following through with them. Emily Reynolds from the​ Research Digest​ writes that being realistic about your goals, finding a sense of purpose, practicing self-control, and developing further passion are the keys to fulfilling your goals for the New Year. Many West High students that have made promises to themselves at the beginning of this year plan to follow these instructions in order to achieve their aspirations.

Mackenzie Gibbs and Brandon Goskie, seniors at West High, both express resolutions to become more involved in school and their future. Gibbs says, “I would like to prepare for college and get more organized this year!” Goskie, also, says, “I want to be more successful in life and work.” West High students are well known for their competitive spirit, drive, and determination. Those who begin 2021 with desires of success and accomplishment will surely achieve their goals.

After all the problems that came with 2020, many students want to begin to focus more on themselves this year. “There were a lot of problems last year that hit me hard last year, just like everyone else,” says Carrie Kemmis, a sophomore, “and a lot of things stuck with me. I really want to work on myself more than anything. Last year was tough, but I’m hoping to start picking up the pieces this year.”

Some students just want to relax and have a bit of fun this year. Noah Heissler, a junior, says, “I just want to chill out this year, make everything a little bit less stressful. I hope after last year, things get easier.” Many people, like junior Hiromi Murillo, share the sentiment. Murillo says, “I want to spend less time worrying and more time doing things for myself this year.”

Of course, the students aren’t the only people with goals this year. Very soon, West High hopes to complete its ongoing construction projects to improve the school. These renovations began early in 2020, and have been ongoing ever since. Both students and staff are hoping for the construction to be done very soon!

Construction on West High is almost complete!
Construction on West High is almost complete!

Regardless of what one’s plans for 2021 are, one is sure to accomplish them with enough determination, hard work, and hope. By the time this year is over with, West High students will surely be happy with what they have accomplished!

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