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West High’s New Car Rider Traffic Pattern

By Dawson Hunt, Staff Writer

A new traffic pattern has been introduced for West High car riders. To help alleviate high traffic volumes on Sulfur Springs Road, vehicles will enter the auditorium parking lot when the access road is full at the end of the day. Vehicles will line up in the bottom two parking lanes and await instructions to move into the access road. There will be a staff member positioned at the access road entrance and at the parking lot entrance to give directions. This overflow system will be in effect until approximately 3:15 p.m. After that time, traffic lightens and cars should be able to enter the access road directly.

It is recommended that students who need to leave immediately after school should consider parking in the cafeteria or baseball lots. Students that are in band, clubs, or athletics that park here will not be impacted.

Traffic Flow Diagram
Diagram of traffic flow.

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