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West High Library sees uprise in Checkouts

Ms. Brittany Long, librarian at West High, encourages teachers to send their students to the library during free time. In the year 2020, the library only had 176 checkouts. This year, however, the library has had 550 as of the beginning of September.

West High library
West High library

Students may go to the library any time during the day, even during TNN if an opportunity arises. A note to teachers; one can schedule a time to bring your whole class, even if it is just the last 15 minutes of class.

Long also wants to give a shoutout to teachers who are allowing their students to come to the library. It has made her heart happy to see students coming in to check out books. A student shared that she enjoys the library because of the, “wide selection of books, the minion poster that is hanging behind the copy machine, and the librarian who is always happy to help her find things she may be searching for.”

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