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West High Displays Unity, School Spirit just in Time for Holidays

Students at West are not only going through the struggles of making A’s and applying for colleges, but they are also building themselves up to the adult they will become after high school. West High faculty noticed that since COVID students today spend more time alone and on their phone they haven't had the chance to build a community with their peers. West has been dedicating every Wednesday to help build students' relationshipS with their fellow peers as well as build their character. Before Thanksgiving break students, had the opportunity to write their name on a piece of paper, these pieces of paper are currently displayed in the school's Cafeteria in chain links with other students' names to represent unity. Over 1600 names are strung around the walls in the space students have the chance to network with other students.

Now is the time for students to build as many positive relationships as they can, thanks to West High Wednesdays students are given the guidance and leadership they need to not only become better members of our community but also make better friends that will help guide them after high school. Student lessons have focused on respect, pay it forward, and inclusion.

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