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West High anxiously awaits this year’s Homecoming Week

As West High’s homecoming week approaches, every student is highly encouraged to participate with the Trojan Family during homecoming week. West High would like to proudly congratulate the following homecoming nominees of this 2019-2020 school year.

Everyone awaits the moment of the time to arrive and find out who this year’s homecoming Queen will be. The queen will be announced on Sept. 20 at Burke-Toney Stadium.

As homecoming approaches, Chloe

2019 Fall Homecoming Candidates
2019 Fall Homecoming Candidates

Bolling, a West High Senior, is already prepared for this special and exciting day for her. Chloe stated,” I’ve already found my dress, chosen an escort, and I am finding ways to style my hair, nails, and makeup. I’m very excited!”

Brookelyn Angelique Allen, a West High Junior, expresses herself about how she feels in being nominated to this year’s homecoming court. She said, “I feel honored and accomplished about being nominated. It feels great to have my peers vote for me to represent the junior class of 2021.”

Grace Dalton, a West High Sophomore, expressed her feeling on why she feels she was nominated, saying, “I personally try to bring out all the good into the school. However, I am far from perfect, but I was always taught to be the light when there was none.”

At last a freshman student, Kendall Hope Heskett, responded to who she would have chosen if she weren’t nominated, and she said “I would nominate Iani Helton because she is very kind and is always going out of her way to make others feel included.”

This thrilling and exciting week begins Sept. 16 through Sept. 20, 2019. The days are as followed:

· Monday will be Meme/Tic-Toc Day

· Tuesday will be Class Color Day

· Wednesday is Decade Day

· Thursday is Pajama Day followed with the morning tailgate

· Friday is Trojan Nation Shirt Day. Go Trojans!!!

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