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West Choirs perform Winter Concert

Yesterday evening, First First Presbyterian Church of Morristown held full capacity as West high and Lincoln held their annual winter choral concert. Choirs consisted of the West Treble Choir, Concert Choir, Advanced choir and Lincoln Middle Choir. Mrs. Kaitlyn Younger directed West Choirs while Mrs. Destiny Stansell conducted Lincolns Choir. Dr. Mark Herron accompanied on the piano and played solo arrangements on the pipe organ. Mr. Jared Box and Louis West played percussion for some of the performances.

Choirs performed to pieces such as "Eatnemen Vuelie," " Hallelujah," " Theme from Elf," " Go, Tell It On the Mountain," " Last Christmas," and "Carol of the Bells." Featured soloists were Allie Moore, Liah Hickman, Reese Heskett, Emma Miracle, Claire Bolton, Lilah Biery, Delaney Miksa, and Caroline Brady. Younger even beat boxed a song for the Treble Choir.

Prior to the Advanced Choir last performances, nine students were recognized for making All East and singing at Lee University. One of those students, alto Daniela Diaz Castanon, was a ringer scoring the top six alto voices in East Tennessee. All Sophomores through Seniors who qualified for All East will also represent West High at the All State level.

All East students are:

Hiro Ridgeway

Grace Stedding

Daniela Diaz Castanon

Allie Moore

Caroline Brady

Joel Oliver

Eli Archer

Titus Phillips

Abram Archer

Brayden Martin

Rory Stapleton

The Choirs received a standing ovation at the end of all performances. Younger thanked advertisers, the audience, and parents for their support.

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