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West Choir Students Qualify For All East Choir

Congratulations to the following students on participating in the All East choir: Eli Archer, Caroline Brady, Jackson Collins, Savannah Farmer, Eden Gibson, Will Holt, Seth Lassiter, Allie Moore, and Aubrey Whitworth, for which they worked hard for it.

The students who want to be a part of the All East have to audition along with kids from all over East Tennessee. The All East choir sends two songs that the students have to perform. The All East Choir Judges give the auditionees a piece of sheet music in which they sing without hearing the notes before then, which is called sight singing.

This year the students are performing at Maryville College in which the All East Choir gives the students who have made it five songs that the students should have memorized. Fellow choir member, Seth Lassiter, noted “ It’s a fun experience that we've all worked hard to achieve.”

This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the West High Choir group will be out performing at Maryville College, so make sure to wish them good luck.

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