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Trojans Share Spring Break Plans

Spring break is next week, and the Trojan Nation has made some great plans for their time off! While majority of students will spend their break catching up on schoolwork, there are quite a few who have more exhilarating plans! For example, James Rosen plans to spend his Spring Break playing baseball! Sounds fun, right! How about going to the beach? That is what Mackenzie Dudek and a lot of other students are doing! Students like Isabella Swanson are going to enjoy their time at a theme park like Universal or Dollywood! Some students are going to enjoy their break chilling out at home and gaming. There are even a few who just have no idea!

The Results Of Our Spring Break Plans Survey
The Results Of Our Spring Break Plans Survey

What about teachers? They have fun too, right? Ms. Ripley is going to enjoy her break taking tours in Kentucky while other staff are going to catch up on some work and much needed sleep.

All these plans sound fun! West Side Story hopes everyone has a safe and Happy Spring Break! Make sure to keep an eye out for future polls and more chances to be featured!

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