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Trojans Donate Crimson Once Again

The Spring Blood Drive is sponsored by Morristown-West HOSA. This year the blood drive took place in the auditorium at Morristown-West. Students and staff, who donated blood, received a gift card for a Texas Roadhouse appetizer and a pair of socks.

On average, humans have eight pints of blood. The students and staff who chose to donate, donated one pint of blood each. Once the blood is donated by students and staff, it is taken and shipped to special labs, where they test and filter the blood to make sure it is healthy and is not carrying diseases. Once the blood is checked and healthy, it is then taken to hospitals, where it can be used to help patients in need.

Mrs. Dallamagne donating blood in Morristown-West auditorium.
Mrs. Dallamagne donating blood in Morristown-West auditorium.

Katherine Dallamagne, Geometry teacher at Morristown-West High, says, “The best part is the snacks,” after donating her blood.

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