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The Vale Opens New Event Venue in Morristown

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

New Event Venue opens doors in Downtown Morristown.

The Vale is an event venue that specializes in mainly wedding events, but they offer available space for other events such as birthday parties, and baby showers.

The Vales’ grand opening was held on August 27. The event was open to the public to showcase the renovated venue and its host of platinum vendors. Two of the vendors on hand were caterers, GrillBilly Smoke, and 2 Coaches Catering. They offered a hearty taste of their signature dishes. Petals of Newport were on hand to showcase their floral designs. In addition, there were several wedding planners, photographers, and videographers present to display their skills.

The venue was created as a thought among two friends, Craig Lakins and George Mack, who wanted to provide a place of gathering to the community in Hamblen County and other neighboring counties. This thought was eventually put into action, and led to the opening of The Vale.

Lakins started out as a mobile DJ performing weddings and events in the area, but he hopes that he can transition to another level by opening the venue. “There are two things that motivate me to work in this business.” Lakins expresses. “First, it is the opportunity to help provide people with a wonderful experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Second, the partnership that I have with George Mack. We are a strong team, and we are steered into the same direction and when you have that it makes you want to work harder to succeed.”

The Vale offers all types of services such as catering, Dj, and an officiant. If the client wants different services, they can connect the client with any other professional services to ensure a special day for them.

“The most important aspect for me is the client,” Lakins explains. “I want to make sure that the vision the client has for their special day or event is met with every possible effort we can give them and we help create the most wonderful day and experience for them that we possibly can.”

The Vale does not have the backdrop of a lake and the mountains. Instead, the Vale is using the natural beauty of Downtown Morristown. The Vale does not use a barn theme, but instead it offers a sense of timeless elegance and a more modern theme for events. Lakins explains, “Our style is different, Our location is different, and we want to provide that for the client who is looking for something different for their special day or event.”

With a major step in life, comes hope. “As a business owner, I hope this is the opportunity to grow a business that can sustain me and my family financially, but also, be a Place that anyone can come to and have their special event or day for many many years to come. A place that all people would feel comfortable to come to and feel welcomed,” Lakins expresses.

If readers are curious about The Vale, the Vale has a Facebook group called “The Vale A Place of Gathering".

They also have a website which is

The building of The Vale
(The building of The Vale)

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