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The Trojan Files: Exploring Past Events



            This is the oldest article in our archive, it also has examples of stencils that they used.
This is the oldest article in our archive, it also has examples of stencils that they used.

Have you ever wondered what our high school looked like when your parents or grandparents were enrolled? Are you really just curious about the previous alumni and shenanigans that occurred years before your existence? If so, allow me to take you to the past.

Obviously time travel is impossible, but luckily we’ve got something better. The newspaper staff holds a record of newspapers published from almost every year. Each Newspaper showed countless events that have shaped our town and school.

Since this is the first article, let me take you back to the first year of the Trojan Nation. The year was 1969. The Newspaper team was inexperienced, but creative at least. Instead of it being called “West Side Story” it was actually first called “The Trojan.” Since there were not a lot of restrictions towards the types of publications school newspapers could publish, students published things such as opinions of sports, to even a gossip corner. While there weren’t as many restrictions, arranging and printing the newspaper was a challenge within itself. Students would have to arrange their articles in a style known as paste up. Basically, Students would have to cut out their articles and pictures and paste them onto paper and copy them out into flyers. This style of publication allowed staff writers to add little cartoons on certain sections to complement the season. Students even had to make their own film, and write down interviews rather than record them.

On top of that, the number of enrolled students was significantly lower than that of today, so the student body knew everyone and anyone. So it actually was hard to get the actual news because there was gossip on almost everything that happened in the school - not that different from today if you ask me. The student body was still getting used to the new school building and teachers were still trying to get used to the new fads of the 60’s. The first year of the high school was not necessarily eventful, but the students reaction towards fads and music were quite similar with how we are today.

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