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Boys and Girls Club Welcomes Chris Blue

Updated: Nov 6, 2019



Chris Blue, The Voice superstar from Knoxville Tennessee, was invited to the Boys and Girls club to talk about his experience and answer questions the club members had about him Oct. 30. Blue won season 12 on The Voice. Before he was on The Voice, Blue was a struggling artist but he hoped and remained positive. Blue stated, “Positive people understand the power of hope. No matter how hard it is, don’t lose hope.”

Blue said “I felt lead by God to be on The Voice.” His favorite experience on the show was when Alisha Keys turned her chair around. Blue’s biggest inspiration is his wife, and his favorite artist is Bruno Mars. In order to prepare for his performances, he has to have at least 35 minutes of alone time to pray and think about his family. Blue will be performing at the grand opening of Heritage Park in Morristown Nov. 16.