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Tennessee College tuition room, board, meal rates researched

Students should be able to get a head start on what is expected when it comes to college costs. The below Tennessee colleges were researched using the official college websites. These estimated total annual expenses include tuition, fees, housing, food, books, course materials, supplies, equipment and additional fees like transportation, miscellaneous personal expenses, and loan fees. College costs expressed in this article assume a student lives on campus and is from the state of Tennessee. However, zero scholarships or financial aid are factored into these costs.

  • University of Tennessee Knoxville is estimated at $33,950 per year.

  • University Tennessee Chattanooga is estimated $24,798 per year.

  • East Tennessee State University the estimated total $26,997 per year.

  • Carson Newman University’s estimated annual cost is $47,062 per year.

  • Lincoln Memorial University estimated cost is $37,500 per year.

  • Walters State Community College cost of tuition is $4,399 per year.

  • Vanderbilt University is estimated at $84,412 per year.

  • Tusculum University is estimated $35,172 per year.

  • Tennessee Tech is estimated at $31,927 per year.

  • Middle Tennessee State University is estimated at $29,166 per year.

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