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Tech Tips to Own this School Year

By Andrew Goodman

Sophomore Miller Smith uses his laptop while in Web Foundations.
Sophomore Miller Smith uses his laptop while in Web Foundations.

Many of us by now have gotten used to this new virtual learning situation but may still have some issues or complaints. Maybe your laptop's microphone suddenly stops working or you are getting tired of clicking from tab to tab while multitasking. Here are five tech tips to own the school year.

1. Restart your computer daily.

The best thing to do to help minimize issues is to restart your device daily. Windows is constantly getting updated, and sometimes those updates just need a quick restart to help your computer run smoothly. It is recommended that you shut down your device at the end of the day, and if it says updates are available, it is a good idea to restart it as well.

2. Use Split View to Multitask

One of the best ways to multitask and keep Windows organized is to use a feature called Split View. Simply drag the desired window to the edge of the screen and release. Then the other windows open will appear on the other side. Select the other window you wish to have open. Now Windows will go into split view. Another great feature involves using "Alt+Tab." Using this key combination allows you to quickly switch between multiple apps.

3. Check "F4" When You Experience Microphone Issues

When your computers microphone stops working, one of the most common fixes it to check "F4" on your keyboard. If you see a white light next to "F4" on your keyboard, your microphone is muted. Simply press "Fn" and "F4" and you should now see the light turn off. If not, you may need to contact the Helpdesk.

4. Keep Your Device Up to Date

If your experiencing a lot of issues, one of the most common fixes is to check for updates. Simply go to "Settings" then select "Update and Security." From there, a list of updates should appear. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the updates. If your device is up to date and you still experience issues, contact the Helpdesk.

5. Call or Visit the Helpdesk to Get Support

If you have tried your best to resolve an issue and you just cannot seem to figure it out, the Technology Helpdesk is available from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. to provide support and to schedule any necessary repairs. Simply call 423-581-4420 and someone will gladly assist you. In person high school students are asked to visit their in-school helpdesk.

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