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Successful HOSA Week Brings Awareness

Nov. 1 - 5 was National HOSA, Health Occupations Students of America, week. Morristown West High School staff and students participated in this to bring awareness to different conditions. The conditions they brought awareness to were Down Syndrome, American Health, Breast Cancer Awareness, Thoughtful Thursday/Alzheimer’s Awareness, and Friday brought awareness about different medical conditions.

Monday was Down Syndrome Awareness day. Students and staff were asked to wear yellow or blue shirts. They were also encouraged to wear mismatched or brightly colored socks. Furthermore, a "fact of the day" was announced during the daily announcements. Tuesday brought awareness to American Heart Health. Wearing red and playing Heart Health Trivia during TNN was encouraged. Mrs. Dallemagne’s TNN won this competition.

On Wednesday, Breast Cancer Awareness day, students and staff wore pink clothing. A "fact of the day" was announced during the daily announcements. A HOSA table was set up in the cafeteria, for students and staff to sign. It was an “In Memory of” and a “Those Who Fought and Survived'' board. Thursday was Thoughtful Thursday and Alzheimer's Awareness day.