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Students, staff share their summer activities

Summer break is a time for students to have fun and not worry about the stresses of homework or studying for a test. Now some of these students might have done nothing over their summer break, which is fine, but others go and travel, like Seth Lassiter who went to Honduras to help the people there. Lassiter states, “I went there on a mission trip to help the kids there. We helped build beds for them and minister to them.”

Someone else who traveled to another country is Jennifer Cobb, a teacher, who traveled to Costa Rica with some students. Cobb explained, “ At the beginning of June, I took a group of students to Costa Rica. There were eight of us total, some students, some parents that went on the trip. We traveled with EF Tours. It is a company that designs tours for students that are educational but fun. We flew into the capital city and then went to the east coast, the atlantic coast, and then traveled all the way across the country to the pacific coast. So they got to see the rainforest. Both of the coasts we stayed in a tent in the middle of the rainforest one night. We did white water rafting, ziplining, snorkeling, and all kinds of fun stuff. It was a great trip.”

Now, not everyone can travel to different counties but that does not mean that they cannot travel to other states. Nolan Mutter did not leave the country, but was still able to have fun and visit other places. Mutter remarked, “I went to Disney and it was fun, besides the 12 hour car ride. It is ok. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you are in a small car, it does not work. I went to Knoxville a few times for a few things, but besides that I stayed kind of local, I didn't want to go too far.”

However other students, like Allie McKenna, have a summer full of events and visit many places. McKenna states, “ At the end of the school year, I went to Salt Lake City for a wedding and I also went to New Orleans. During the summer, I went to Costa Rica with Mrs. Cobb, visited England with a few friends and it was my sister's senior trip that got canceled in 2020. And then I went to the beach with my friend Addison.”

Now that schools are back in session, students can only look back at their summers and remember all the fun times they have had and look forward to a great school year.

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