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Students Share Lucky Charm Superstitions

By Bailey Metcalf

March is the month in which we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, admiring the luck of Ireland. Green is typically the color that is symbolized as Saint Patrick’s Day and is associated with a four-leaved clover, the main symbol of luck. People have other things that symbolize luck that may not be normal to the mass majority of the population. These things can be a lucky hairbow, sock, or necklace that a person wears if they want to feel lucky.

Some celebrities have lucky charms that they have to avoid the chances of bad luck. Serena Williams, a famous tennis player, has said that she wears the same pair of socks during every game. She stated that she never lost a game while wearing them. Another example of a celebrity who wears a lucky charm is Madonna; she wears a red string bracelet to steer away from bad luck.