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Students Share Favorite Computer Brands



     When most students choose a computer, they want the best, but some have a preferred brand whether it is the best or not.  According to at an average level Apple is first, HP second, and Dell third.  My personal favorite is HP because they seem to last longer in battery life and their structural strength. My second favorite would be Apple though because they have the most features. 

       Sophomore Christian Stone from West High states, “Dell is the best, because they are cheaper and is more reliable over time. Junior, Riley Inman, States, “Dell is the best because they are more reliable and last longer.” Sophomore, Andrew Goodman, States, “Apple Because they are simple, secure, and powerful.” Apple is the most popular because of the Mac line of Computers. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak on April1, 1976. It was first started to make and sell personal computers. It was changed to Apple Computer Inc. on Jan. 3, 1977 later renamed to Apple Inc. They currently employ 123,000 people. The Apple Inc. Headquarters is currently located in Cupertino California. The Ceo of Apple is Tim Cook 

        HP was named one of the best computer brand names ever. HP is mainly a Hardware Supplier for Small and Medium sized businesses. The Founders of HP are David Packard and Bill Hewlett. They produce software for consumers and large-scale companies. HP currently employ 55,000 people. The HP Headquarters is currently located in Palo Alto, California. The Ceo of HP is Dion Weisler. Dell was named one of the most trusted computer brands ever. The founder Michael Dell created one of the largest technological companies employing 103,000 people worldwide! The Dell Headquarters is currently located in Round Rock Texas. The Ceo of Dell is Michael Dell.  

Computer Company Logos
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