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Students Share Behind the Scenes of the Homecoming Ceremony

Reese Heskett, Aarya Patel, Alexa Cuevas Romero, and Malachi Young are a part of the student council and worked together along with many others to set up the homecoming ceremony.

Reese Heskett, a freshman, helped make the sash for the queen along with others. She was also there for the rehearsal of the field walk. This is when the queen was to be announced and her escort walked onto the football field. Heskett noted, “It was fun and creative.” When referring to signing up to do it again Heskett explained, “Yes. It was fun to work with other people on the court.”

Reese Heskett

Aarya Patel, a junior, also contributed lots of help setting up the homecoming ceremony. She participated in the pep rally committee, parade committee, and ceremony committee. Patel also helped make the schedule for homecoming to keep things organized. As a part of the pep rally committee, one of the things she did was set up the games, making sure everyone that was needed participated, and scheduling what games took place when. As a part of the parade committee Patel made the signs for homecoming. At the crowning of homecoming queen Patel was there holding the flowers, sash, and crown for the queen. She exclaims, “I enjoyed it! I loved being able to work with so many people and helping out in as many ways as I could.”

Aarya Patel

Alexa Cuevas Romero, a freshman, was in charge of the homecoming bouquet and putting together the flowers. She also stated that the crown for the queen was made at the Tennessee Diamond Company. Cuevas Romero said, “It was really fun. We all worked as a team which made it more enjoyable.”

Alexa Cuevas Romero

Malachi Young, a junior, was involved in helping make the sash for the queen by hand. Young also explained that inviting the superintendent to homecoming has been a West High Tradition and it has stayed that way. General Bunch came to see the crowning of the queen. Another tradition is that the previous homecoming queen crowns this year's queen. Eviee Dalton placed the crown on Arely Molina once she was announced queen. For the overall experience Young stated, “I would for sure do it again in a heartbeat. It was so much fun!”

Malachi Young

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