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Students Get Fired Up At 2020 Homecoming Pep-Rally

By Andrew Goodman and Dawson Hunt

Friday, Jan. 31, Students gathered in the gymnasium for a pep-rally prior to the 2020 basketball homecoming game held later that night. The rally quickly became competitive as students participated in many games including Tug-o-War, a basketball contest, Musical Beanbags, and more! Tug-o-War was especially a hit with students. Even students such as Freshman James Rosen who stood up and cheered on his classmates.

Student Cheering
Freshman James Rosen Cheers for his fellow classmates

A game that seemed to be popular was Hungry Hippos where one student pushed another on a scooter and whoever was on the scooter used a basket to catch as many balls as possible. As for a game that really got students fired up, Musical Beanbags sure did the job. When it came down to the last two people in Musical Beanbags, Junior Jonny Fine dove for the beanbag and stole it from Senior Karabeth Helton before she could make it. This ultimately led to the juniors winning the pep-rally tournament with points added for winning most dress-up days, but in the end, it was all fun and games.

Musical Beanbags
Junior Jonny Fine steals the Beanbag from Senior Karabeth Helton

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