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Student Summer Plans

Summer break is approaching, Morristown-Hamblen West High School students took a survey to share their plans for summer break in 2022.

First Question: Are you playing any sports over the summer? If so, what sports?

Some students like to play sports over the summer break. Sports can be a teenager’s favorite activity and keeps them active and healthy over the break. Lani Helton says, “I have Cross Country conditioning over the summer.”

Second Question: Do you have any vacations planned? If so, where are you going and what will you be doing while on vacation?

Many families like to go on vacation when their children get out of school for summer break. Some like to travel out of state or maybe to different countries. Malachi Young says, “I might go to the beach or go to Mexico.” Lani Helton and her family will be going to Cancun, Mexico.

Third Question: What has been your favorite summer so far? Explain why.

More students said the summer of 2019. Lani Helton says, “The summer of 2019 was definitely the best summer because that was the last normal summer I ever experienced. It also just had really good vibes and I got to spend that summer with my friends, and I also got to experience beach camp with my church.” Jessie Ramos says his favorite summer was the one after his fifth grade school year. He says this is because, “I never really had much on my mind at the time.”

Fourth Question: What are your favorite summer activities?

Some of student’s favorite activities are swimming, traveling, playing sports,etc. Aidan McCauley says his favorite summer activity is “relaxing and visiting family”, and Kaila Evans is “sleeping and hanging out with friends.” Brandon Resendiz’s favorite summer activities are relaxing, gaming, and working.

Fifth Question: Do you like going to the beach or the pool more?

According to the survey, most students like the pool more than the beach. Aidan McCauley says, “It depends. I like the pool when it's hot out and the beach when it is cool out and windy.” Kayla Covington states, “I like the pool more because it's way cleaner and there's no animals that could be dangerous.”

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