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Student Spotlight: Art Aficionado

Caleb King is no ordinary Senior; He is a talented artist interested in interior design.

King began practicing art at the age of five with the desire to make new things that people would not expect from a kid. King's parents have motivated him since day one. They allowed him to experiment with his creative urge to make art. Caleb’s main inspiration is the world around him.


“Usually, people are too busy wrapped up in their own lives and don’t stop to witness the beauty of Tennessee and this country,” King expressed.


King has created numerous artistic pieces, but he has yet to finish his favorite piece of all time. His favorite piece is currently a work in progress, which will pay tribute to important figures that helped free African slaves.

The most time King has spent on an art piece was from March to July; He made the piece for his neighbor’s daughter on her wedding day. The mother of the bride was to