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Seal, Lykens crowned best duo of 2024 seniors

Among the superlatives of 2024 none embody the friendship illustrated by “Best Duo” quite like  Seniors, Raylie Lykens and Chloe Seal. As they were the recipients of this year’s “Best Duo” superlative, one of several additions to West’s roster of titles.

A young Seal hugging Lykens
A young Seal hugging Lykens

Lykens and Seal state they have known each other since they were less than a week old, according to Seal, “We've known each other basically since birth. We are only six days apart.” Of course many people are born very close to each other, but Lykens and Seal’s have family connections going far beyond them. Their mothers, Judy Lykens and Dee Dee Seal have been very close friends since they were in elementary school. 

Lykens and Seal have been near inseparable since birth, Lykens notes, “We literally do everything together. We go to church together, we go on vacation together, we're presidents of the student body and senior class together, we do the announcements together. Most of the time, if I'm there, Chloe's there too.” Seal continues this thought, “She has just always been there and a part of my life.”

Seal and Lykens
Seal and Lykens

Throughout the years, this duo has created many fond memories, Seal recounts one of her favorite times with Lykens, “...I love our car rides together, we carpool a lot since we live so close and that time together is usually so funny.” 

It is clear to see that since before these two were born, they were destined to be close friends. This is how they have lived their life. Now, West has crowned them the best duo of the 2024 senior class.

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